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Export Management since 1998

We devised and created
Temporary Export Management

Our Mission

We support the growth process of Italian companies, promoting their sales and competitiveness, with particular attention to the areas of internationalization and digital marketing.

We have always been oriented towards innovation and we strongly believe that technology is an essential tool for the growth of Italian SMEs. Technology, when applied to Co.Mark methodology, represents the winning weapon for the constant growth of sales.
Thanks to our widespread network of Temporary Managers, we are reference partners on the domestic market for the creation of new commercial opportunities in Italy and abroad.

Through a team of over one hundred Temporary Managers we provide companies with our method and skills to achieve measurable and concrete growth objectives, both in the Italian and foreign markets.

Our focus is to operationally support companies in the generation of incremental sales, through the development of an approach strategy to export or to digital marketing, according to their needs.

  • 1998


    Temporary Export Manager

  • 2015

    Barcelona headquarters

    Expansion on the Spanish market

  • 2016

    Tinexta S.p.A

    We join a large Group!

Our history

We are the first company to develop the Temporary Export Management, thus creating an innovative model to approach tht marketing and international trade.

Since 1998, over twenty years, we have been supporting Italian companies of all sizes and product sectors, representing the most structured and effective solution for their commercial development.

Since July 2015, our innovative export model and expertise have also been transferred to Spain, a market with features very similar to the Italian one. A subsidiary, incorporated under the Spanish law, was established in Barcelona to support Spanish SMEs in their growth and expansion on domestic and foreign markets.

Since March 2016, Co.Mark is part of Tinexta S.p.A. which, with a thousand employees and eight offices in Italy, operates throughout the national territory offering companies diversified services through 4 strategic Business Units: Digital Trust, Cybersecurity,  Credit Information & Management, Innovation & Marketing Services.

Much more than a consultant!
The Temporary Manager has a managing and executing attitude, he operates from the inside of the company alongside the entrepreneur.

The Group

Who we are

Tinexta S.p.A. is a modern and multifaceted Group. Over the years, it has enriched its profile and today it is a complex group that operates through various companies having different specializations but a common denominator: they help customers turn information into growth by identifying new systems and tools to work in a modern and safe way.

Tinexta operates through three business units: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services.. They respond to different needs: safely dematerialize the certified dialogue processes, simplify and make efficient the data acquisition and credit information processes, provide value recovery systems, open the doors on internationalization.

The idea that guides us is that process innovation is the key to optimize and improve all the operations necessary to those who work, produce and look for agile and safe business tools.

With a thousand employees and a specialized offer, Tinexta Group covers the entire national territory. Our customers today include companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, public administrations, trade associations and professional associations, also through strategic partnerships with entities operating in the sector of services to businesses and credit institutions. Each of them has got different needs. For each of them we have a tailored response.

Business Unit 2021

Corporate governance


The Supervisory Body must promptly receive all information, data, news regarding deeds, behaviors or events that could lead to a violation of the organizational model, the code of ethics and company procedures, or which more generally are relevant to the purposes of Legislative Decree 231/2001. 231/2001.
To facilitate these information flows, the Supervisory Body has provided various communication channels, such as:

ordinary mail to be addressed to:

Co.Mark S.p.A.

231 Supervisory Body

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